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    Photobucket stops free image linking

    Photobucket stops free image linking - causing massive image media blackout Internet-wide.

    To all, this is a public announcement, you might be noticing the familiar image below not just in this forum but everywhere. It is in-place of what once were real images. . .

    Name:  PB_P500.png
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    { Photobucket's Ransom Image }

    Yes, that image above is not broken, it's a screenshot of Photobucket's ransom image. And if a picture were a thousand words, Photobucket has single-handedly deleted over a billion-billion words off the Internet. As Of mid-July 2017 Photobucket has decided to stop serving images for free - something they apparently had no problem doing for the past 12+ years. And now, after getting the entire populace hooked/acclimated to linking images in this fashion, they now what to charge $400 (annual) for it. Many are dubbing this ransom, extortion. I call it a very bad move. They should have grandfathered all pics before the policy user agreement change, not making it retro-active. The really sad part is that this not only affects the owner of the pics, but every forum post past and present that millions of people visit every day. Think of the millions of how-to articles online having pics no-longer.

    Guilty as charged, I have hundreds of posting with now defunct images. How does one even start to search old post to find these dead links. Monumental task for sure. Iím angry at myself for leverage a ďfreeĒ image-host cloud service in the first place. But Iím equally blaming Photobucket for their lost-leader service, in setting an Internet precedence to encourage external image-linking practices, and to the point of making the behavior the norm. Iím not sure where Photobucket thought this was going . . . hosting other sites images is a poor business plan/model, unsustainable. Now this moronic lost-leader endeavor is now hurting more than the individual whom accepted the lost-leader.

    I also hold the mass numbers BB Forum operators/hosts somewhat culpable (not this Forum) as many of them either denied in-line image attachments, and/or set ridiculously tiny quotas, in affect, pushing us into linking practices. Bandwidth costs - I get it. The piper must be paid, but this Photobucket thing is a complete mess! And as far as the GreenHulk forum goes . . . ďthank youĒ for allowing the in-line image uploads.

    So, Iím in the process of weaning myself off of Photobucket. I am downloading and purging my hosted images with them completely, because I feel that their business model is about to crash totally, and I donít want my years of pics caught up as a casualty. Who is going to pay $400 a year, when a VPS with unlimited bandwidth can be leased for under $50.

    As far as over 12+ years of dozens of forums Iíve participated in, Iím going to have to triage what I can find and either edit my posts with in-line pics (if that forum allows it), or find a new stable home to link the pics elsewhere. Either way, we are looking a a publishing nightmare for me and hundreds of thousand of others whom had a role in building Internet content.

    Now you know - and knowing is half the battle.

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    This what I say. Fuckem. I only had a few pics with them that I had posted on So once again, Fuckem.

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