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    How Far Can You Go?

    How Far/big Can You Take A 1300 And Still Keep The Efi?
    I've Been Down The Road Of Screwing With Carb Settings
    While Everybody Else Is Riding.
    As Of Now I've Got:
    Kerry Built Ported 1300 Efi
    7250 Rpm 78+ Mph
    Thinking About Sending T/b's To Ross And Going Big Bore, But Will The Efi Handle It?

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    Hello Carver, if you want to wait 2 weeks to see how well they work on a 1390, then watch for my results at mudbug. I am using a lowell ported 1390 05 motor as a test bed for a before and after radar run on friday at mudbug. I will post the results as soon as possible after the test. I dont have a laptop so ill have to find a puter to use at the bug... There will be no other changes made except swapping the throttle bodies from stock ones with a riva race filter, to my modded ones with v-stacks.
    N8R has a TJ ported 1300 with my throttle bodies and only has his #3 WOT EFI controller adjustment at 6, so there is plenty of fuel left to give it if necessary.... Thanks, Ross

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    Thanks Ross! I'm Not Going To Make It To The Bug, But I Am Very Interested In Your Results. Glad To See You Are Testing This The Way It Is Supposed To Be Done, And Right In Front Of Everybody Too!!=d> =d> =d>

    That Should Be Some Crap-free Advertising !

    Good Luck, And Post Those Results.

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    Hey Carver

    I personally can not answer just how far we can push these EFIs bores and still have enough fuel... yet. I will have a lot more info after I complete my 1390 project. I know a few others have been successful with 1390 EFIs (some very successful)

    I am not the kind of person that just builds a motor, and hope I can make it run correctly, so I am prepared for the worst case scenario.
    So far I have done the following:

    - Sent an entire fuel system out to be spec'd. I know how much the injectors flow, and how much pressure and volume the OEM fuel pump will flow as well. Currently I can add up to 20% more fuel pressure to the existing system, with up to 6 times more volume.

    - Sent a few sets of throttle bodies out for testing and various mods.

    - Established timing marks for each cylinder to map out the stock curve, and to find the best timing for these big cc motors.

    - Designed a reverse cooling system, with the help of a few board members, to keep the cylinders cool.

    - Aquired a wide band O2 set-up with software to install into the exhaust to monitor and record A/F ratios.

    Hopefully with all this stuff in the works, and with the cooperation from some of the engine builders and other board members, the future will be very bright for the EFIs.
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    Dammit Man! =d> =d> =d> =d> =d> =d>

    Ok, You Got My Attention. Between You And Ross, The Future Of Fast Efi Ski's Be Lookin Righteous!!!!

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    I think with Rich doing all this research there won't be a limit. The injectors and fuel pressure have always been the roadblock but he has taken care of that. We should see a monster this summer when his BB goes together.

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