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    New '07 150 SCIC owner, couple of questions.

    First off, glad I found this place, the web is pretty empty of info on this boat.

    Anyway, picked mine up on Wednesday, first day out will be tomorrow. First some stats so everyone can compare:

    2007 150 SCIC Red/black
    Cover, trailer, first aid kit, dealer prep

    +Wakeboard tower, bimini:

    Insured for $20K + $1K for the trailer, $500 deductable = $400/year premium

    Some questions:

    1. Any news on the SC issue with the '07? Someone said they moved off of the ceramic bearings that the '06 had problems with, can anyone confirm?

    2. I've never looked, do most boat docks have both premium and regular unleaded? If not, how well does an octane boost additive work to make up for the difference?

    3. Any tips/tricks/pointers for anything from trailering, launching, operating, etc?

    Thanks all!

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    Congrats on the new boat! I am sure the others, especially those recently affected will chime in, but NO, the SC washers have not been changed for the 07 model, they are still ceramic. I believe it was just an 07 that blew the washers with very low hours (speedsterpimpin) I believe it was. Check the threads, it's on there. I would suggest getting them out of there if you have the chance to do so. I"m looking to send mine to Jerry here to change them out.

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    Congrats on a great boat. FLSCIC was correct on the the ceramic issue. I'm still running them in mine with hopes that they will last through the summer and I'll pull the chargers off this winter.

    Most marinas where the largers boat use should offer Premium fuel. You can use 87 octane if you get into a bind but performance will suffer. The engines have knock sensors that will retard timing if there is any detonation to avoid engine damage. It's not a 100% fool proof so running the correct fuel is the best bet. Coming from a very extensive racing back ground I do not recommend any off the shelf octane booster. Most do little to raise the actual octane level and will leave deposits on the plugs. There is some stuff made by Torco Fuels thats works great but is very expensive and I think only comes in 5 gallon containers.

    Do some searches here and on on the docking and handleing tips. There is tons on info on this subject.

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    You do have the ceramic washers, and they WILL fail without warning and for no apparant reason at all, DO NOT assume they will make it through the season, or even through the day! CHANGE THEM NOW!

    Addmittedly I have had some pretty bad luck with my boat so far, but quite honestly I figured I could at least make it 20 hours before the washers failed, but nope, they just exploded, and thanks to my dealer it will probably be at least a month or so before I am back on the water. Hopefully the ceramic material that will inevitably still be in my boat wont cause a total engine failure, but with my luck it probably will...

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