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    Everyone knows the wd-40 is a good lubricant and also penetrates metal to prevent rusting. I read about it in class that you should not get it on your skin because it will also penetrate your skin and get into your tissue. It will sink in and collect on your bones. Its kind of scary thinking about it of how many times I had that stuff on my hands.

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    Like salt water will melt your ski and make you bald.

    Been using WD40 for maybe 20 years when I was working on my BMX and I am ok.

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    But are you really okay?

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    Its not something I heard and pulled out of my a$$ otherwise I wouldnt have post it. I never said it would hurt you and cause brain damage (maybe for some people LOL). I seen the test results and has been proven. I bet you want me to go find it on the internet now and post it.

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    Like salt water will melt your ski and make you bald.

    AHHHHHH CRAP!!!!!!!! That explains it, fresh water, here I come!!!!!!!! : :P

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    WD-40 is only good for cleaning switches. Use PB Blaster.

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    wd-40 is a great water displacement oil. However, I wouldn't use in on your ski do to it's incompatibility with some plastics/rubbers found on the ski.

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