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    FX HO RIVA RPM Kit Review

    I had a chance to put about 75 miles on my ski yesterday (it's now at 4 hours). I did the light and mild break-in a few days ago. I continued for another hour at 8000 RPMs or less today and then just started riding it normal. I'd say the full RIVA kit makes the throttle response quicker and it seems to have improved accelleration. This is in comparison to my stock '06 FX HO. Turning is also quicker and a little more precise. I didn't go real hard into any turns but enough to feel like I could probably disappear from the ski if I wasn't holding on tight if I did. As for the top speed, I saw a max of 61.5 MPH. This was a GPS reading. The water wasn't glass but it was pretty calm. I tried the normal sitting up position along with the Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman and Hulk. Only one that I didn't try was Wonder Woman Couldn't get any more speed. I expected it to run a little faster on the top end. Maybe about 63? The last 1-2 MPH took a little while to get. Maybe I'll see a little more after it breaks in.

    One tank covered the day's ride along with my short ride earlier in the week. Half of that ride was just putting around at 5000 RPMs of less. About 95 miles total and it used 13.6 gallons (there were 2 bars left). That's 6.98 MPG. I probably ran at least 5-6 miles at WOT today. The rest of the riding was between 30 and 45 MPH.


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    Now get that rideplate modded by Jim!! You will be moving then!

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    It should pick up a bit more speed as it breaks in.

    Are you towing the FX's with the GTO?

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    Is it worth having this rideplate modified?

    My buddy and I took the skis out last weekend. We ran them a little and I was able to see the difference in performance. I pulled away and there was no chance of him catching me on the stock ski. As I said, I'd be happy with a solid 3 MPH.

    I sold the GTO last year. I'm towing them with a new '07 GMC Sierra -

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    I'm not sure on the gains from the modded plate on a FX HO but on my GPR I gained 4-5 mph from stock plate to the FF Plate from Jim.

    Go over on his tuner forum and post up. He is a realy nice guy.

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