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    West Coast Watercraft Club 3rd Annual Ironman Endurance Ride

    We are the number one riding group in So Cal. West Coast Watercraft Club is the only Jet Ski riding Club in Southern California.

    Its 6:00AM and time for a relaxing day on the water… not really. These Ironman rides were created by Lewis L. and are scheduled about a year in advance when the daylight is shorter than any other time of the year. This makes the trip more exciting departing at sunrise and returning at sunset, but the returning part usually ends up by 7PM. Keep in mind, rain, snow or any other acts of God will not stop this yearly event. Although we all ride a 222 mile round-trip from Long Beach to San Diego and back in one day doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a flat day on the water. Most of the time, we are encountering large swells, seaweed, seals, great whites and dolphins making the trip more exciting. The first year we did this ride, I never checked the weather… luckily it was mostly flat and rained most of the trip. The second year it was sunny with a 2 – 3 ft chop, imagine the pain. And this previous time as shown on the video a 2 ft chop and the way home about 4ft. Thank God we made it back this time at 4:30PM, we all took a pounding.

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    Looking for riders who want to ride to from Huntington Beach to Catalina my friends are scared and I don’t like riding solo. I’m intermediate level and ride a 2016 Yamaha stock Tr1 very reliable

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