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    down in speed 03 sc 4-tec

    ist ride on a new to me 03 sc my honda turbo would pull it by a mile per hour or so and I understand the seadoo normally is a couple of miles per hour faster. 50 hours or so on ski fresh water only. old gas with stabil but ran clean. supercharger metal washers would be my first guess? stock boat(so far)with 04 metal pump. ?????? bob

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    What speed and how many rpm's? Should be up around 58 mph @ 7200
    Was it cavitating? Check impeller/ wear ring for damage or excess wear.
    Could you hear the supercharger whining?

    Oil change lately? Check level, it should be between the bends in the dipstick.
    Use up the old gas and refill with fresh 93 octane.
    Change the spark plugs.
    Run it again and post numbers.

    BTW, If you're going to replace the washers on an '03 it's recommended that you upgrade with the complete rebuild kit and new metal washers available here.
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    I thought the honda turbos would run about 58ish (if not more) too, so it sounds somewhat normal to me..

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    the reason I asked is my wife was riding this ski yesterday in the ocean off san diego and my buddy I bought both this and a honda turbo from said the seadoo would pull the honda at the colorado river. I pulled her and the honda has a slight off idle miss now???? drained the old gas on the honda today as these are new to me. could not get the gas out of the 03 sc 4-tec. I did not ride it as she likes the dryer, more stable ride on the seadoo. I assume its because the seadoo has a deeper v than the honda. honda sure turns and pulls hard on the turbo stock. bob

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    you have a problem

    I had a 03 GTX SC check your RPM`s you should be 7500-7600 and should be 61-63, you have a 04 metal pump but still check your wear ring but the main thing we need to know is RPM`s and from a stop does the rpm`s go to 7600 or the 7200 then climb up to 7500-7600

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