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    Rxt-x 260 changing seat shock plastic plate.

    My plastic plate holding the seat broke on rxt-x-260. There are 5 3/16 rivets holding the plate. I got all new parts. My understanding that i need to drill out old rivets with 3/16 drill and the old ones will just fall in. Do i need to remove the glove box the get out? Have anyone done this? Thanks for the help.

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    This happens often . Don't need to remove glove box just take off the lid don't lift the seat to high or it will get damaged on the console . Don't drill deep or you will drill thru your glove box . Drill slow and careful get someone to help hold the seat .

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    What about the old rivets? Once they are pushed in, how do u get them out?

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    I would use SST bolts instead of the rivets. On my '17 RXT-260 the rivet heads broke off in short order. The bracket is now made out of metal so the weak spot is the rivets.

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    Thanks. I was thinking about to make it easier if there is next time. But not sure how to get behind the plate to secure it. The glove box is right behind it. So still need to figure out how to remove the glove box.

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    I have looked and look what’s the part number for this ? I’m about to order and do mine ..

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    nvm found them 269002162 for the part and 5 of these rivits 29315012.

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