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    Help with a 97 GTI

    My ski is having a problem with the cooling system. When i flush it, the pisser shoots out water and when its in the water the pisser shoots out nothing. What could be causing this? and where to look to fix it?

    Also, how do you change the pump oil? Thanks

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    Thats odd about the cooling flush not sure what it could be id have to think about that.....

    To change the pupm oil unscrew the 3 bolts holding the cone at the end of the impeller. i'm in the process of putting a new carbon ring and boot on the driveshaft so i have it apart. there is a screw on the top of the cone unscreww that to refill the pump oil.

    Any ideas why my ski dise in choppy water? the fuel gauge is out could be the float ball. i hear that send s the ski into limp mode

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