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    pro 785 weekend build off!!

    I have a couple of questions about installing motor/pipes.

    1) Should I bolt the exhaust manifolds on before dropping the motor in?

    2)I have a hose coming from the fuel pump and one from the fuel on/off valve. Any ideas where these hookup too on the carbs?

    3)When hooking up the wiring from the starter/stator, any particular way to route the wiring and an order?? to connect them in the electrical box?

    I will start taking pictures as we begin building tomorrow!!1

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    If you go to my project page beerdart posted a wiring chart. You can use that for your stator/electrical wiring.

    As for dropping the engine in with the manifolds on, here is what I can tell you:

    I would bolt them on and drop it in. But I would make sure you have three to four guys to finesse it into the hull. Now there are a few things to keep in mind on this. You are going to want your water tubing all hooked up and clamped down to the manifolds before you drop in the engine. I talked with Redline about this, and If I remember correctly he learned the hard way and said that once the engine is in, with the headers on, its nearly impossible to get the tubing hooked up. So, just make sure you do that first if you drop it in with the headers bolted on.

    Keep in mind also that once the headers are on, and the engine is in, its pretty tough to reach the three header nozzles on the water manifold. So maybe the best idea would be to hook up the tubing to the headers AND the water manifold and then drop it in. I guess if I had to do it all over again that is what I would do.

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