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Thread: 2004 msx 110

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    2004 msx 110

    This should be an easy fix:

    Starts fine
    Idles fine
    accelerates fine up to about 35
    the boost gauge goes up but only 3/4 of the way

    Any ideas?

    Help, it's the first big weekend of the year

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    check the wastegate on the turbo and make sure it is free. also check the line going to the wastegate solenoid from the compressor housing and make sure it is clear(you should be able to blow through it. also what color is the wastegate solenoid? it is either black located on the turbo or grey mounted on a bracket on the rocker cover. if you take a pic of you engine i can tell you if it is updated(grey)or old (black)


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    thanks for the fast reponse

    blew thru the line no prbloem

    moved the waste gate - moved smooth (is the spring fairly tough?)

    I have the grey one (it's the thing the waste gate hose attaches to and wires come out of right?)

    thanks again 4strokepolairstech!

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    display is realy rpm's not boost,but you still down in rpm's
    old fuel,something in pump/prop area?

    later cd

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    Loose hose clamp on the outlet of the turbo to the hose. Check clamps and tighten them till there about to break.....PS don't break them.

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    also check and make sure that the throttle body is mounted securely to the intake as well. good thinking 4stroker. what are they putting into the food a burger king. you are so smart. it must be the steriods in the meat? LOL!!!!

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