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    Need some HELP FAST!!! for mechanic!

    I am getting my SS washers and Hybrid Ceramic bearings put in and my mechanic wants to know a couple things , do the Hybrid Ceramic bearings replace the Needle bearings, if not then do i have to order new needle bearings cause he doesn't know if he feels comfortable re-using the ones in there already, we looked in the diagram and couldn't see where the new ceramic bearings go, thats why im assuming they replace the needle bearings and also when putting in the SS washers do you still oil them up a bit. Cause Bomby says they require to oil the ceramics up when replacing them i just didnt know if you put the SS washers in dry? Thanks guys

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    Washers do not need to be prelubed. Oil gets all over them anyway and will seep between the washers once it slips the first time.

    As for the needle bearings, you can reuse them, but alot of guys go ahead and replace them as a set for preventative maintenance.

    these are not needle bearings

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    pretty sure the washers need to be greased, motor oil would do fine

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    Ok this may sound dumb, but ohwell, ok so the Ceramic Bearings do go in the supercharger, im only asking this cause in the diagram that i looked at you could not see any bearings that look like the hybrid style anywhere in the diagram, and ok so it is ok to re use the needle bearings!!

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    you can reuse the needle bearings, but your mechanic wont want to, its a pain in the ass to get them setup again. so much easier to start with a fresh set. they arent expensive, save the guy the headache and give yourself some added peace of mind and just replace them

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    I cant even imagine what u would do if u lost a needle in the motor

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    How in the hell does anyone expect to get an accurate slip moment W/O OIL on the washers?

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    SOme more info on the oil on the washer thing would be great!

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    i'd be a little concerned your mechanic doesn't know the difference between needle bearing and ball I'm confident he can figure it out however.

    first, you should look at another diagram so he knows ahead of time what's going on.;)

    p.s. I oil the washers a bit. just habit with anything thats lubed. (hehe...lubed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanCucf View Post
    i'd be a little concerned your mechanic doesn't know the difference between needle bearing and ball bearings
    Makes you wonder

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