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    Interesting read on MFD's

    During January, 1995 the Company entered into an agreement with
    Waterstrike Incorporated (Waterstrike) to purchase certain assets and
    license intellectual property rights related to manufacturing the
    Polaris MFD product line. As part of the agreement, the Company is
    obligated to pay Waterstrike $2.50 per unit for the first 80,000
    Polaris MFD units shipped for a successive four year period beginning
    January 1, 1996. Aggregate payments made under the agreement for the
    four year period are not to exceed $200,000. In addition, the Company
    has an obligation to pay Waterstrike 65% of the gross profit realized
    on the sale of all Polaris MFD products covered under the agreement
    for as long as Zercom continues to sell the products.

    2.50 JESUS lol

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    Interesting, I wonder what the history is??

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