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Thread: Stuck Engine

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    Stuck Engine

    Hey everyone brand new here with my first Skis!!

    So I got these from a pawn shop, the SeaDoo runs fine with its 4tec.

    However my problem child is the Yamaha. I have tried starting it with a new battery and it seems not only “click”. It will not turn over, now I will say I can tell they have been in saltwater and do not know if they were blown out or not. I have no idea where to begin with these 2.

    The SeaDoo I will probably do a full top end rebuild on and new sparks. The Yamaha I know needs new sparks but I’m not sure what else.


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    A Yamaha what? Model? Yr?

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    Sounds like a bad solenoid or bad battery connections. Jump the solenoid and see if the motor turns over. Also check the connections at starter and the ground.

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    I’m sorry I thought I put it in here.

    2003 Yamaha GP1300R

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    I'm sorry I'm a little new to this, where exactly is that so I can try it.

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    A good idea to see if the engine will turn over by hand first. Look at the rear of the engine, shaft (PTO) going to the jet pump. It'll probably have a cover over it. Unbolt the cover, remove the spark plugs and try and turn the engine.

    If it turns over, you've got a starter/battery/solenoid problem as above. If it won't budge you've either got a seized motor and you're into a full rebuild, or the wear ring has swelled from salt water and is gripping the impeller in the pump

    If it won't move, should be easy to see which of the above it is. The drive shaft you're trying to turn, there are two PTO couplers with a rubber damper between them. One of the couplers should turn backwards and forwards a few mm on the rubber. Is it the pump side that moves (engine stuck) or the engine side (pump stuck)

    Good luck!

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    Thank you, I'll give this a try tomorrow!

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