For anyone in the South East Virginia area interested, the Virginia Beach Wavejunkies have established an AWA charter. We welcome any rider/racer to affiliate themself with this charter as we feel there is power in numbers and everyone will benefit from it.

Historicly, the Wavejunkies have been known to cater to surf riding but have grown over the last year. There are many new members who enjoy all aspects of PWC riding. The Oregon Inlet Challenge
is one event that is on it's eigth consecutive year.

We support the AWA and their mission. Please feel free to visit our site for more information on how to join the AWA and our charter. There are no additional fees associated with our charter. We feel we have "The more, the merrier" attitude.

Please visit the link below for Charter information. POC is Allen Loree.

For the list of AWA benefits and what they do, please visit

Thanks and have a great season!