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    Question Large Rocks - in lower unit

    Ok guys - went back under my ski and was further inspecting - before I ripped anything apart -

    There are a few large rocks and a bunch of small ones up there. I sprayed it out - on a hill the other day and they didn't come out. Also didn't notice them then either. Can't reach my hand up in the intake grate - hand is too large to fit - So I have one of those tools that is flexible (hang with me here) and you push the button and this little grabby thing comes out - like a clamp - but I can't grab the dang rocks. Two of the rocks are really large. Few of the others are smaller - look like they are in the propellor. Propellor tips look a little ground - not bad - but still. The wear ring in all chewed up - ground grooves (from the rocks?).

    If I shoot water into the flushing connector will that dislodge those rocks or what do I do? Tear it apart. I mean the wear ring doesn't look shredded - just grooved a bit -

    How do I get those Darn (not the word I am looking for at all) out of there?

    Also - can't seem to turn the propellor - think the rocks are lodged in there? Shouldn't that freely turn -

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Follow your directions and pull the pump. When the pump comes out the prop will be on the back side of it. Once you get it out you can get a closer look and see if you need a new impeller or whatever. Chances are that the wearing is toast so you may end up needing a new one. Just pull the pump and you could post some pictures and we can tell you more

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    You have to take the pump apart. At a minimum, you are going to need a new wear ring and probably a prop. The prop may be repairable, but the wear ring is not.

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    There is just no way around pulling your pump

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    just take the pump off. you're going to want to take it off to make ABSOLUTELY sure you get it all out. its simple.

    10mm socket and wrench to take the steering cable, reverse cable, and VTS rod off. 17mm socket (and about 12 inches of extesions for the wrench) for the four bolts holding the pump to the hull. then, pull back and you'll have the whole assembly in your hands.

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    Ok - so I am pulling the pump. Got two of the rocks out - they were about the size of a flat square golf balls. Shoot. The others are lodged in the propellor - so I am pulling the pump now. Yeh - I think the ring is toast - further looking at it - doesn't look all that good.

    I will post pictures. How will I know if the propellor is bad? I mean it looks a little ground on the edges - but no chips - well - so far as I can tell.

    Keep fingers crossed for me. Thank You.


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    Take pictures of the prop when you get the pump off and we can tell you

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    When you have the pump off, it is a perfect time to swap to a upgrade prop.

    I don't call it damage. I call it an "Upgrade Oppertunity."

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    Ok - you guys timing me?

    Does this have to come off too? Or just the cone?

    Hate - Hate - Hate Picture Project - worst program in the world - took longer to upload the da@# picture than to get to this point.
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    Now remove those 4 17mm bolts and pull the whole thing off.

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