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    '98 Pro 785 MFD half working?

    Short Story: the mfd on my pro 785 partially works, randomly the display will get really dim across the middle, like the LED's are fading, then it will come back. its very random and doesn't seem to be dependent on the throttle or rough or calm water. The next day, the entire trim display on the MFD stopped showing up.

    Long story: last weekend I took it out, had a hard time starting and I think I put some strain on the battery trying to start it, eventually got it started thanks to a fellow boater lending me some starting fluid. The display did flash Lorpm multiple times during my struggle to start it. Prior to all of this my MFD worked great. Right away I noticed the display was partially working and even when I was still attempting to start it the display would kind of reset, or show no oil or gas on the guage, then it would slowly climb back up. Everything still worked on the display it was just like there was a line across the middle where the display wasn't working. I rode for about 2 hours straight without turning it off, I checked the battery voltage on the display throughout my ride and it was around 13.0 and 13.5 when I was done riding. Also for about the last 30 minutes the MFD was perfect.
    That night I went home and charged the battery, I disconnected the battery from both terminals before charging. ( i've read many different opinions on that). The next morning I installed the battery again. Went to the lake, it started right up, but the display was worse than the day before and the trim position portion of the MFD does not show up at all. When I connected the ground back to the battery I did drop the bolt so the connection was made twice, not sure if that fried something or not

    Any ideas, is this fix-able?

    Thanks, btw I have searched this a few times but most of the results were about MFD's totally not working, or just needing to be reset which ive tried.

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    If they are anything like the SLT-780 display... then there is a detailed description of how to fix this at the top of the Polaris How-To thread stickies.

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    Trash the stock MFD, real Pro 785's don't use them. Get a aftermarket tach, that is all you need.

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