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    02 virage 1200txi help bogging

    i have a 02 polaris 1200 txi and when its cold it will run at top end at about 60mph. still it will seem like it is missing when you only go to about 1/2 throttle. also if i ride for a hour or so it starts to slow down. it drops down to like 45mph. then if i let off the gas and go wot it dies and has a hard time starting.if i let it sit for a hour or so its fine for a hour. i get no warning lights. i just put in new plugs. and i took it to a shop and the tech said no prob found. anyone please help

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    Did they check the TPS??
    That would be my guess

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    Have the ski on your trailer .Tie it down ,take the seat off and start the ski up .Run it under load and see if there are any signs of smoke or exhaust leakage uin the engine compartment .If not put your seat back on .If so make sure you have the leaks fixed .
    Get a spare TPS ,a NEW ONE.Keep it as a spare with you when you ride .These things cause all sorts of issues with your engine .Just because your light doesn'nt come on ,means nothing .When you cahnge it make sure you slightly crimp the connectors together to ensure good contact .Then let us know


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