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    Unhappy 2009 FX sho cruiser won't start

    I pick up this ski several months ago after being told buy the owner it was running when he put it up last year. The jet drive was so bad (bearings seized and rusted) it wouldn't allow it to turn over fast enough to start. I took a chance and bought it. Got it home and tore the jet drive apart, what a job. very much so neglected and I had to rebuild everything from the rear of the engine back. Everything is now new in the jet pump. I went ahead and got all the old gas out, as much as i could, man was the gas bad. I put in new plugs and 5 gals of fresh gas in it. Again I'm second guessing if i got all the gas out.
    When I try to start it now you can hear the hit (trying to start) but it just can't. So, I'm getting spark, i've checked all the cylinders. I'm getting fuel, or what i believe is fuel. I even unhooked the gas line and allowed it to pump out a gal or so to clear out as much bad gas that I can.

    Note: when i crank it over at times it almost sound like it hydro locking. it will hit hard stop for a second then keep trying to start. I've taken out the plugs and turned it over and it spins like it should.

    So, I'm thinking I might not have gotten all the bad gas out? I'm thinking I will use the fuel pump in the ski to pump out all the gas then I'm be sure when its empty, then put new gas in it. turn it over with the gas line off again hopefully getting what's left in the lines out then try start it again when i know I have good gas in it? Thoughts????

    Another question, Any chance the injectors got so gummed up that too is a problem?
    I was thinking about pulling them out and hooking them to the fuel rail and turning it over to see what kind of spray pattern I'm getting?

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    make sure the motor has adequate compression

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    Did you try adding Marine Stabil to the new gas?

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    Got it to Run but It's not running well. Won't idle and it's like its pre - detonating when you try to start it. Also it's loud as hell. Might ever have a whole in the manifold? I'll be looking into that a little further. I'm also thinking one or more of the injectors are gummed up and sending gas into one or more or the cylinders causing it to almost vapor lock. It needs to be run more and hopefully it will clear up. An injector set isn't cheap so I'm hoping it will take care of it's shelf as I run it more.

    Note: It was running last year before it was put up. But understand nothing was done to winterise it. The pump assembly was trashed (saltwater) and it's new from the intermediate shaft bearing back. So basically from the motor back everything is new.

    Reference the manifold, Being the ski wasn't really looked after I'm guessing the saltwater sat in the manifold and ate it's way through and that's why it's so loud. Sorry i can't share more but I'm working on a number of projects and I get to this one whenever i can. but it's not at the top of the list. Stay tuned...

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    With enough saltwater to corrode through a pipe you may very well have corroded valves. If they stuck in the open position on intake you will have constant backfiring through the open intake when it does fire on a cylinder. Hopefully none hung so far open that it contacted the piston and damaged the valve or guide. That's just my guess. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. With your exhaust off can you see corrosion on the stems inside the exhaust ports?

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