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    2015 FX SHO Problems with Wataboard

    Ok, I have an all stock 2015 FX SHO that has given me zero issues in first 70 hours of use. I decided to by a Wataboard (Flyboard copy) and add it to the fun we have been having with the ski and that's when my problems have started. First, once I got the adapter plate and all of the stuff installed to Ride the hoverboard, when I disconnect the venturi, steering nozzle and reverse gate, with the u pipe on the the check engine light came on and wouldn't run over 3,000 rpm. Not enough power to use the board, and when I hook up the venturi back up, the code clears and it runs fine. I called Wataboard and they told me that it's a sensor on the reverse gate that sets off the alarm. After figuring that the spring loaded gate put tension on the arm, I wrapped two rubber bands around the arm to put tension on it when it's not hooked up, that cleared the problem and we were able to do the Flyboard for an hour one night before sun went down. Planned to go next day and while riding to the site, new problem, the Venturi bolts to the adapter plate but the bolts were only about 3 threads deep, and the whole Venturi assembly blew off the pump and to the bottom of the lake. Quickly ordered replacement parts and put it all together today, got longer adapter plate bolts and re- did the whole assembly. On attempt to ride the ski, alarm is going off and the Ride system isn't working. Sometimes it starts in F, and won't change to N or R, sometimes starts in N and won't change to F or R. The reverse gate isn't being controlled by the left lever at all, so it's not rideable. Leaving on Vacation this weekend and need help quickly. On what to check and how to clear codes. Don't know how to make codes show up on screen.


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    Hi Robin, did you ever resolve your issue?

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