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    2000 Polaris SLH 700 only starts sometimes.


    Picked this ski up last year. Drove it all summer, not a single problem.

    Try to take it out this year, doesn't start, no spark. I try repeatedly for a half hour. Then I check battery, plugs, fuses, looked over wiring, nothing out of the ordinary.

    About an hour later, i go back to the ski to work on it, but before i start working i try starting it and it fires right up. Start it a few times and it runs like its brand new, revs without hesitation. It seams that whenever i go to start it after its sitting for a week or two, it wont throw out spark unless i try starting it, let it sit for an hour, then go back.

    MFD is broken and disconnected.

    I am going to trace all the wiring and check the kill switch and starter to see if there are any malfunctions.

    Anyone know whats going on here?


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    Try and jump the solenoid using a screwdriver, had to replace mine. It was clicking like it was working but was corroded on inside and wasn't making connection

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    I should have been more clear. It will crank when I first try to start it. However no spark happens. When I go back to it after a half hour-hour, She'll start.Thanks for the reply thoigh. Good info if I ever run into that situation. Can CDI's intermittently work? I was under impression that once they go they go. Did ohm test on kill switch today, it's fine. Also tested voltage across electric Box circuit breaker and it checks out. I may do the red/purple jumper to the orange to see if this does anything.

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    Ok I think it was the battery. Even though I swapped battery from my working ski with this, it still wouldn't start. So I boight a newer better battery we get full spark and runs now. Taking her to lake tomorrow and will update if something goes wrong. If this happens to anyone, remember that even if the ski sounds like it has a strong crank, you really need AT LEAST 10.6 volts while cranking. I am going to start putting my battery's on maintenance charge after every use. This really drove me nuts. Still don't know why it was starting up after I waited for 30 mins to an hour. Thanks all.

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    Ok tried firing it up this morning. Fully charged battery again. Did not start. No spark at all! Have no idea what's going on. Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey_lobes View Post
    Ok tried firing it up this morning. Fully charged battery again. Did not start. No spark at all! Have no idea what's going on. Help!
    Back to basics. Remove and clean the engine ground end of battery cable. Should be clean metal to metal contact, with clean bolt threads.

    While battery is disconnected, check ohms between black wire on CDI and engine case ground. Should be zero ohms.

    Reconnect battery.

    With meter black probe on CDI black wire, put red meter probe on CDI Red/Purple wire. Right on the tab ends of those two wires. Measure DC voltage before, during, and after cranking engine. Report back.

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    Cleaned engine ground end of battery cable. zero ohms between cdi black and engine case. Ski started right up. 12.92 volts before starting. 13.5 after starting (about 10 seconds in) and 11.5 while cranking (plugs on ground terminals). Took it out on lake and it ran great. There was definitely some corrosion on engine ground connection of batter cable. Hopefully this solved it. I will repost if I keep having the problem. Thanks guys

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    Ok the ski is back to acting the same way. Went to start it yesterday morning with no luck. Wasn't throwing spark (battery fully charged). After about 4 hours, I went to start it and it fired right up. Really at a loss here. Do I try connecting red/purple wire coming out of cdi to orange wire terminal ? I know this service bulletin had to do with warm re starts and not cold starts but it's a similar issue?

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    Next time it won't start try this; take a third spark plug, disconnect rear plug wire and insert 3rd plug, lay it over by exhaust and try starting it. If it starts up on front cylinder... then using insulated pliers (trust me, you don't want bit by one of these while it's running) move the 3rd plug over to the rear one to pass the spark then it will be running on both cylinders. Let me know how it goes.

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    Will try ASAP. Has this happened to you and what does it mean if it starts the way you describe? Thanks

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