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    RXP supercharger removal

    i am about to pull the motor out of a 2004 RXP because the timing chain snapped. the only problem is that i cant seem to get the supercharger off (so i can get to the drive shaft). i looked at the service book and it looks like i only need to remove the 3 torx screws holding it on. is there a trick to doing this other than brute force?

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    It is just the tree screws - just make sure you've got the right ones!!!
    I think the trick is to rotate the SC first - then slowly ease it out. I have seen reports on this board of SC's that have corroded in because anti-seize wasn't used when the unit was replaced earlier. If that's the case - I think it is down to brute force!

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    I had to use some serious brute force on mine to get it off the 2nd time

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