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    Please help! 96 XP plumbing

    Hello everybody! I am looking for some advice on how to run cooling lines on my 96 XP . I am installing a R.E. exhaust ( w/MSD water inj.) a TDR waterbox ( no water regulator threads) & an ADA head( 1 inlet on top of each cyl.) I got these products off ebay, hence no instructions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would not install the TDR will kill your performance and only make your ski louder.

    I run a Rossier pipe, and reverse cooling works best. Bring the water in from the pump to the bottom side of the stock head (facing the pipe). Then loop the rear lines on the head together. Run a hose from the top barb on the head (facing the engine), to the midpipe. A 100 jet in the midpipe works well. You will need to filter the incoming water to prevent the jet from clogging, a Flo-Jet works best. As far as the water routing on the ADA head you need to verify it routes the same as stock. Run a 180 jet in the stinger, and plug the top of the stock waterbox. Also run a Jetworks flow-valve on the stinger prevent water flow below 3k rpms. This keeps the waterbox dry, and allows instantaneous revving without the notorious Rossier "bog" out of the hole. What cc domes are on your head?

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