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    Trailer bump stop...

    After fooling around with diff spring rates and packs, I think I`ve come up with the winning combo. Original 2pc spring pak was to soft, tires were hitting insides of fenders, then installed 3pc pak which required flipping shackles front to rear 180 degrees, this was to hard, then I used the top spring from the original set and swapped out the intermediate with the intermediate spring from the 3pak. Just in case I hit ruts or pot holes, I made up these bump stops from Energy suspensions snubbers, an extra tie plate, and a few 3/8 nylok nuts. used washers to shim snubber stud off of spiring center pin, and trimmed down the snubber. These snubbers can be cut for proper height...PR...
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    looks cool!

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    damn... how old is that trailer and u launch in salt water?

    that trailer looks brand new... i am beyond anal with my trailer and it absolutely SUCKS... it has worn terribly.... but i think i may have just sold my trailer to a guy over e-mail, we'll see!!

    i'm gettin a triton double trailer i think....

    nice work PR... innovative and looks clean

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    PR WTF are you towing? I've had 3 people on mine bouncing up and down(don't ask) and it wasn't coming close to bottoming out. Maybe i just have roller skate wheels on mine.

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    Shibbs: it`s an 04 Load Rite POS... I keep it clean...

    01X: The dealer sold us a BOAT trailer! I thought it was a PWC trailer, on the way home from the dealer, brand spankin new ski and trailer, it was rubbing the tires all the way home on the bumps and such. I called the dealer and they said that they always use this type with the 3 seaters. I say BS. Trailer supposed to handle 1100-1200#, and the ski is 800+ with fuel and stowage. since I own the trailer, and the dealer didn`t want to do squat, I cut down the tongue 20+" and adjusted the suspension... It does tow very well...

    Load Rite Model BDT141000, look it up on their web site for the specs, you won`t find it under PWC trailers, look under boat (Bandit)...PR...

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    That trailer looks friggin' new!! My springs are covered with rust...My Shorlandr' needs some TLC.....

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    the only thing I touched up was the springs...PR...

    Spray Nine Marine is awsome spunk remover!...

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