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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocco85 View Post
    I purchase the Maptuner and license, yesterday I connect to my rxp300 add new vehicle, and then sync to my pc, I had a massage that the vin is allready used by other user
    its already programmed with other Maptuner..
    unfairly I purchase my license??? That not a problem, I would use it to another ski, but I allready use the code to start my new Maptuner...
    Contact and he will get you fixed right up

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    So am I to understand that once you buy the Maptuner x you still have to buy the software to reset maintenance codes and whatnot ? I was under the impression it did all this out of the box ..

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    No you need to buy each maintenance for each ski, but in an Seadoo tuning file is the maintenance included....

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    I have a tuning license for my ski and a tune on it. I just bought these home app cause I was told that I could reset my maintenance required light on my ski for the supercharger and it couldn’t wouldn’t do that . I was also told if I bough the home app I could read codes and reset maintenance lights on other skis with out the tuning license ..... it doesn’t do that. It doesn’t do really anything over the basic just tuning license and the MaptunerX.. I’m waiting on Riva to get back to me but as of now I feel like the home service app was a complete waste of money. If it can’t do at least one of those 2 things I’m going to get my money back because I feel pretty mislead .
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