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    2016 FX Cruiser SVHO Build

    Here is my current build up underway. Waiting on a few parts but hope to have ski out by the end of July. These skis are very easy to work on.

    Any ideas on top speed? Additional mods? Considering AEM fail safe Boost/Air Fuel gauge also.

    2016 FX Cruiser SVHO with 8 hours.

    Entire Riva Racing Stage 2 kit:

    RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit, 2012 & Newer FX models RY16070
    RIVA MaptunerX Yamaha 1.8L Bundle RY110SC-B
    RIVA Pro Series Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit, SVHO RY10080-ECUK-PC-1
    RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO & 2017~12 FX SHO Power Filter Kit RY13070
    RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO & FX SHO/HO 2017~12 Top-Loader Intake Grate RY22070
    RIVA Yamaha Pump Seal Kit, For RY22070, FX 2017~12 RY25070
    RIVA Yamaha SVHO Power Cooler Kit RY17080-PC
    RIVA Yamaha SVHO/SHO/HO Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit RY12040-IMUK
    RIVA/HKS Yamaha Power Cooler SSQV Blow-off Valve RY17040-BOV-SSQV
    Solas Yamaha 160mm Concord 13/20 Impeller YV-CD-13/20

    Stage 3 additions:

    RIVA Valve Train UpgradeKit Yamaha 1.8L Engines RY19040-VTU-2
    RIVA Yamaha '08 & Newer Pro-Series 100lb Fuel Injector Kit RY12040-I-KIT-100
    RIVA Yamaha 1.8L High Flow Billet Fuel Rail RY12040-BFR
    RIVA Yamaha 2017~14 SVHO/2016~11 SHO 3 Bar MAP Sensor Kit RY11740-MS-3-11
    RIVA Yamaha SVHO F2 Supercharger Impeller - 19 PSI RY17080-SCI-F2
    RIVA Yamaha SVHO/SHO Supercharger Shaft Upgrade Kit RY17040-UK-6S5-3
    RIVA Yamaha Water Box SVHO/SHO/HO 1.8L RY16041

    Jims Ride plate mod also.

    Intending to run Stage 3 SVHO 8800 tune up on 93 octane.

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    very similar to mine, you get her done? i've unfortunately gotta sell mine before i get to stage 3 levels

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    I did. 91 mph first outing. I must have posted the thread twice. I have details of the build in another thread with the same title.

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