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    Smile Polaris sl750 questions (waterleak and trim)

    Hello everyone, I just recnetly purchase a 1995 Polaris sl750 with low hours. So the MFD says 17.8.

    I am also new to this forum and it seems to be very informative.

    1. The water leak that I have is coming up the driveshaft to the bearing that is half way up the shaft and leaking from that bearing into the hull, where is my water leak starting? At that bearing? Should thta be a sealed bearing?

    2. The trim display works on my MFD and shows trim going up and down, But I started machine and it doesnt look like the trim is going up or down? How much movemnt should there be in the trim? Also how can i test the trim system? And what are th common problems for trim not working?

    Thanks in adavnce veryone


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    Matt, I have to run but wanted to say WELCOME to the Green Forums real quick.
    Hang loose I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses.

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    ph2ocraft, thanks for the welcome.. and I was hoping for some advice from you lol... you seem to know your watercraft..

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    Welcome Smitty. The bearing you speak of has 2 seals on either end of it. You can replace the seals OR just buy a whole new bearing. (New or used off Ebay) Just remember to keep that part greased frequently. The trim should move a noticeable amount, not alot. Run the ski on a garden hose and push the trim button from all the way up, to all the way down. That will tell you if it's working. Now if it's not, more than likely the plastic gears inside are broken or the motor is shot.

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    Thanks for the info. now where eactly do i hook the garden hose up to run the machine? maybe a silly question but im not sure. Also How do you "calibrate" the trim?

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    Some tap into the water supply hose, others use the fitting at the cooling bar for water flushing.
    To calibrate the trim just run it full up until you here a ratcheting noise a few times (nothing will break), then run it all the way down until you hear the ratcheting noise, calibration complete.

    11 should be your leak but verify #12 is not leaking as well.

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    Alright I got the "bearing Housing" apart. The seals are shot. probally where my water is coming from. Now my question is, is there supposed to be an actual bearing in that housing? Because there was definetly no bearing in there when i got it appart justa grease fitting and 2 mess up seals at eitehr end.

    Also how important is the bump stops on the end of the driveshaft i am missing the one that goies in the motor end

    Thanks again

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    Me again. does anyone know if there should be a bearing in that housing or is it just a sealed housing filed with grease? Thanks

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    There is no bearing just a brass bushing.

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    Is the bushing supposed to fit tight around the shaft? i dont see any real evidence of a busingh alothough there is some evidence of a bushing there

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