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Thread: Fault code 158

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    Fault code 158

    Anyone know what fault code 158 is? It's a 2017 fx svho with 16 hours, doesn't go into limp mode just beeps up and says check engine.

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    Happened to my 2017 gp18Starts then engine shut offs after 3 seconds

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    this code relates to the Ride system, make sure no ratchet strap is putting the reverse bucket in a bind. Also if the shaft that put the bucket into reverse and forward is in a bind as in when in the up position or reverse position if there is no slack it will throw a code, there need to be a little of wiggle when the bucket is in either position.

    Check that the bucket moves up and down freely by removing the knuckle off the bucket and make sure its free in motion, also make sure that little shaft is not bent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmymajic View Post
    Anyone know what fault code 158 is?

    It's a 2017 fx svho with 16 hours

    doesn't go into limp mode just beeps up and says check engine.
    Note that a problem cause that has since gone away can still make the dash show/sound the old error.

    After several engine start and shutdown cycles the old error will cease to appear on the dash.

    Check the RiDE bucket and reverse control rod for mechanical problems, and check the white RiDE connector near the electrical panel.

    If nothing seems wrong start the engine, let it idle for maybe five seconds (no cooling water needed). Have someone watch to confirm the reverse bucket moves as it should. Shut it off, wait a minute.

    Start the engine again, pause, and stop it. Wait a minute. Do this 3 or 4 times.

    See if the dash warning has now gone away.

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