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    Intermittent ignition

    When I pulled the skis out for the year, my WBII 760 had intermittent spark at the plugs. Suggestions? Moisture in the coil?, Bad coil? other? thx

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    Welcome brett.

    -Battery connections?
    -Battery cables internally corroded?
    -Spark Plug wires have cracks in insulation?
    -Water or rust inside electrical box?
    -Intermittant short on the start/stop switch?

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    Things tried

    The battery connection are good as the ski turns over and does spark occasionally, so I am looking at testing the plug wires for moisture, cracking or corrosion and then tackle the electrical box for same. Any other ideas, please let me know. thx

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    I had a similiar problem on a Waveventure 760. It was the start stop switch.

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