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Thread: Rear Intake

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    Rear Intake

    and again,
    I wanted to do a Rear Air Intake (similar to the RIVA one) myself a time ago.
    After thinking it over I decided against it. I thought that, if the engine gets its air straight from the outside like this, the engine compartement would not be ventilated at all (appart from the little hot air slowly escaping from under the seat.
    Well, I simply thought it would get a little too hot for comfort in the engine compartement (I believe the petrol tank is also there and all of that without propper ventilation.
    Has anybody thought of that or has got any experience with the new RIVA rear intake??
    I saw one Jetski exploding while ideling through the harbor once. The guy didn't get seriously injured but it wasen't a nice thing to see (it was funny though

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    Flow Rites



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    rear intake

    well, normally the engine is sucking in air constantly at quite a high rate. This way the hull will be flushed with fresh air, cooled and cleaned.
    The flowrites will let the air go out, but very slowly,since nothing is pushing or sucking it (appart from the expanding hot air).
    The engine at full reffs pulls about 200 Liters (~20 Gallons I think) of fresh air in every second.
    Thats quite a flush and should keept the engine compartement cool and kleen.
    What do you say??

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    Flow Rites

    I Say get the rear air and call it a day

    i am sure riva would not release a product that would cause your ski to explode

    trust me i have a rear air setup it is way better than any inside the hull setup you can find or make

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    rear intake

    well, I thought that BRP wouldn't make a SC that is not bulletproof either
    Since I've seen one exploding (looked like the guy from Jackass on the rocket) I'm a little concerned about engine compartement ventilation.
    Anyway,without a gas (petrol) leak, I don't see a problem but the engine comparetment getting stinking hot is not what lets me ride it at full throttle and hoping nothing is getting too hot for comfort and has got no way out.
    I thought about a little blower inside the ski for breathing........not leaving it up to a manufacturer to say sorry, if I have reasonable doubts, that's for sure!!!

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    i have thought about installing a fan as well

    several have done this already
    i am sure a search would reveal some good ideas as to how to go about this

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    rear intake

    I also thought about siply cutting a hole into the RIVE rear intake where it is inside the hull.
    This way the engine will mostly take its air from the rear intake but will still take some from inside the hull.
    This will make the air to the SC a little warmer but shouldn't be to much.
    Have you got any idea if the rear intake is good in the waves and when jumping?

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    i would not recc rear air for surf

    Hoss had issues with his in the surf

    i have not had probs with mine but i ride on a lake and i am not a wave jumper

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    I have a Riva rear air intake. Been out 3 times now with it. Oddly enough, the engine compartment doesn't get any hotter now than it did before drawing air out of the hull with the intake up front by the storage bucket. Bubba over at Riva said they logged over 30 very hard hours of ocean riding with no overheating issues or voltage regulator issues.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DIGGS View Post
    i would not recc rear air for surf

    Hoss had issues with his in the surf

    i have not had probs with mine but i ride on a lake and i am not a wave jumper
    what do you classify as surf? I ask because I'm considering buying/making a rear intake because I ride on a pretty calm lake. However, a few times a year the wind kicks up and there are 3+ footers. It gets pretty wet on those days. Would you suggest I don't risk it?

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