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    SC Metal Clutch NEW!

    Hi again,
    I've heared that RIVA made NEW SC clutch rings. I let my dealer order the NEW ones but I'm not quite sure if they are the NEW ones!!
    How can I find out!!!
    Different measurements (probably not) different colour, different order number???
    Also, GREEN HULK, how can I order from South Africa with you??
    Will you ship there?
    I would rather buy of this website than ordering from a "normal" dealer or perforamance shop.
    Thanx in advance to everybody!!
    Cheers and check out the waves in South Africa, warm water and lots of waves

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    With my Wife Michelle!!!!
    I think of all the things in the water waiting to eat you when you fall off.... Just me, call me crazy if you will but that is a bad thought in my mind. LOL I've fallin off da boat...

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    Don't worry, we all do not like to get wet too much. Here we ride behind shark nets wich are about 200m out at sea. That keeps most people happy. Well, not me. I spoke with the guys patrolling the nets every day and they say that 80% of the sharks are cought swimming out to sea!!!!!
    Anyway, the riding is good though

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    Do you see many LIVE sharks out there???

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    friends of mine have seen some but they are generally quite shy. one thing is amazing though.....Dolphins we see all the time. They come in schoals of 10 - 50 and swim also behind the shark nets (sometimes).....well, now the funny thing, maybe anybody can explain this??? I usually carry diving goggles in the glove box with me. Whenever I sea the dolphins I wait tillthey are around me and then I dive in and see them under water. This is fun and very interesting. We also ride the waves with them since they do ride waves too, for whatever reason??? Anyway, normally when I see the the dolphins I ride the ski into their path, wait till they are around me and dive in. The funny thin though, if i ride into their path, switch the engine off, they dissappear and suface about 100m right or left of me......if I leave the engine running, they swim right past me, I mean touching explane that to me!!!!!

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    Did somebody say, SHH-SHH-SHAAAARK!!!!

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