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    Flame Arrestors on a 2000 XL800 Recipe?

    Ok, had a left over set of Flame arrestors from a Xlt 1200 and the daughter went away for the weekend and left her ski unsupervised. let's see what happens...currently turning 7040rpm at 49/50 mph, with a 20 hours on the rings..

    Per MudSlinger with FAs (and he seems to be a really a smart guy)
    Go to a 1.5 N/S.
    110 pilots and stay with the 150 on the highs.
    You will have to lean it a bit on the high speed adjusters.
    Set the low to 1 turn out.
    Set the popoff to 50psi silver spring

    (Assumed no accelerator with 110s)
    Sorry, only had 1.2 seats, but everything else is correct, balance mod done with a 90 jet, steel liner SBT motor....(Yes, 1.5 would be better, because they will flow all the fuel the 44i can handle, per Mikuni manual)..kev
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