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    Need advice on mods

    I have a buddy that is wanting to mod his Seadoo boat, I think it's a 2004 Speedster, it has the 215 motor in it.

    We're thinking:

    B-kit or Riva S3
    4" Intake

    How does this sound and what speed should it put him at? He said he is running around 58 now on gps.

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    First thing. Put a set of metal washers in the SC

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    yes dont become a statistic like me, DO THE METAL WASHERS. Considerings how hard it is for me to contact my dealer and the fact that I have nowhere else to go I fear I may be out of the water for a month or so, dont let this happen to you....

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    steel s/c washers, ceramic s/c bearings, fuel regulator, thermostat, SS wear ring, Rude Charger (vs. B kit or S3 . . . since you're going all the way), XS Intercooler seems to cool & flow best, ECU - but depending on which one (rpm limit), you may need to do your valves. Depending on impeller & rpms, my guess is you could see 65 or a bit more all day.

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