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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    thanks. I will probably use the six10 epoxy to fill the gap between the top plate and liner along with the metal backing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krouchchocolate View Post
    Any of u guys use six10 epoxy made by west system? Supposedly similar to their 105 resin epoxy, but u donít need to use fiberglass cloth/mat or have to worry about mixing it as it does it in the syringe.

    Spoke to the technician at west system and this was what they recommended for filling our void.
    I did. Worked flawless.

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    I also used just the resin, no fiberglass and it turned out perfect...very strong.

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    Hello all,
    New here and to riding the new stuff as of last year. So i am considering buying a 2018 GP1800 but this hull issue has me concerned , can anyone tell me please if it has been corrected for the 2018 model's?
    Thanks, D

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    Same issue easy fix though

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    Got my factory plates out my GP today...trying to decide which way to go but I’m leaning more towards using the 610 epoxy

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    I sent you a PM.



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    I have a 2017 gp1800, is the only way to see if there is any cracking to remove the intake grate? Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerostern View Post
    I have a 2017 gp1800, is the only way to see if there is any cracking to remove the intake grate? Thx
    For the initial stages of cracking, yes.

    If the cracks continue and the hull is ridden enough, eventually the intake grate visibly pulls down below the hull and/or the hull starts to leak a lot more water to the interior.

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    The best fix for the GP 1800 cracker inserts. This guy does a awesome job. My ski cracked bad on Riva stage 2 doing 83. I had it fixed and the pump tunnel reinforced. If anyone is interested I can pass on his number he builds race skis and freestyle skis. He also installed all my Riva stage 3 complete kit. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_7187.jpg 
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ID:	438811Click image for larger version. 

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