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    Smile Intro...Just bought an '07 Speedster 150SC

    Hey guys, found this forum, so figured I'd sign on. Just picked up a pair brand new Speedster 150SC's. My brother in law and myself were just bs'ing yesterday about these and we went and bought them today. We are into high powered little rockets and figured this would be a nice addition to the collection. I've read bits and pieces of these forums and found a lot of great information. What caught my attention the most was the steel washers for the super charger. Is this still a problem, or has BRP rectified the problem? I bought this boat mainly so when we go out with the family, (about 12 of us) there is always something to do when we are beached, i.e. watersports. We typically go out with a few boats, but all our other boats are quite a bit larger than this one. Not as nimble. Anyway, thanks for the information and see ya at Lake Havasu one day!

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    Ceramic washers are still a problem. Best thing to do is purchase some metal washers. Welcome to the forums and congratulations on the new boat!

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