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Thread: Ultra 150 issue

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    Ultra 150 issue

    Hey guys,

    I have a 1999 Ultra 150 that I recently rebuilt. It was running fine this afternoon, and then it wasn't. This was the first tank of gas that was not premixed (although I did add 1oz of oil per gallon of gas in this tank). Anyway, I ran it for about an hour or so and it seemed to run well. On the way back to the dock, it lost power, the speed dropped, and the engine died. It didn't make any odd noises that I noticed, it just kind of turned itself off. I did look throughout the and all three pissers were functioning well. I waited a minute or two, and tried to refire the engine. When I turned the key back on, the battery light and the red warning light were flashing, and no luck restarting the engine. It turned over, it just wouldn't fire.

    When I got back to the house I pulled the plugs. The pictures are attached.

    So, my main question is where is the best place to start? I am assuming a compression test is in order.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Check power connections..grounds...etc just to be sure..

    Main thing id say is open the carbs and check the check valves inside the carbs. Theres a clear plastic flap that only allows fuel in under certain conditions.

    Also clogged passaged in the carb from jet to venturi can suddenly cause that.

    Those plugs look pretty black. Mine look about like that and I justtt ordered new ones yesterday n putting them in tmrw.

    Id say double check the carbs..if those check out check ur carb pulse line while everythings off.

    Idk just throwing ideas out there

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    Yeah, these were the plugs I used for the break in, so they had double the oil. I just got some new ones in, and was going to change them out after this weekend. thanks for the things to check.

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    Certainly something different going on with the black one. At least none of them appear to be smashed. Did you put the oil lines back in the correct places? They're different.

    Compression test would be a good idea.

    Did you rebuild the carbs? What was the reason for the rebuild?

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    Hey Steve45,

    I did check the oil line placement when I put them back on. But I will certainly check again. The ski had been taken to a shop several years ago for a repair, and the shop told the previous owner that it would be more cost effective to buy a new ski. So they bought a new ski, and put this one outside under a tree, where it sat for several years. I bought it for less than the value of the trailer, and decided to see if I could get it back into running shape. I tore it completely down, and rebuilt it.

    The carbs were rebuilt, and seemed to be functioning well. That one plug does appear different than the other two. It seemed "dryer" as well.

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    I wonder if it has a sleeve on that cylinder instead of the OEM nikasil coating.

    Compression test.

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    The cylinder had not been sleeved. I'll have to bring the ski home from the lake and start looking it over. Compression test first, and we'll go from there.


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    So, I finally got to go test compression on the ski yesterday. The compression was even across all three cylinders at 110 PSI. Again, when I turned the key on, the red warning light started flashing, as did the battery symbol.

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    Check that you've got the flame arrestor adaptor rings facing the right direction. You might also briefly start it on the trailer with the flame arrestor off and watch the slides as you rev it.

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    So the starter spins the engine and you have good compression, have you checked for spark?

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