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    2009 yamaha fxsho cruiser impeller install issue

    Ok, I just rebuilt the jet pump. it seemed to be pretty straight forward. I thought!!!! I bought all new parts to include a new impeller duct, bearing, seals everything. The only thing that i used that was old was the spacer that's in the impeller Duct that sits in between the two bearing. I put everything together and the drive shaft spins nicely in the impeller duct. When i put the new solas impeller on and tighten it down the driveshaft won't spin. I tried shimming out the impeller in hopes that it was contacting something but no go. i even tried installing the old factor impeller but its still binding. It has to be something in the impeller duct with the bearing? But to save my life i can't figure out what. I've looked over some videos on youtube about solas impeller installs and I did notice the spacer that sits in between the impeller and the bearing appears to be sitting flush to the flange of the impeller duct. But in the videos it appears to sit out approximately 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch. so that's why i tried shimming out the impeller. but as i said before it didn't work and still seems to be binding in bearing inside the impeller duct. Does anyone with more experience then me have any idea?

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    just some basic questions here to start, others will be along soon....

    where did the parts source from OEM or aftermarket?

    My first thought is that the bearings are not bottomed in the pump so the spacer is ineffective. The spacer is load bearing, it should have little or no give if you try to move it between the bearings.

    some pics of your pump would be helpful

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    If i remember correctly its a combo of factory and WSM perf. parts. The Impeller duct itself was factory the pump rebuild kit was WSM perf. I had to replace the end spacer between the impeller and the housing, it was a factor spacer. i also used a new nut and washer on the cone end. Looking at the spacer on the impeller side i think it's sitting to far inside the house making me think the bearings weren't seated all the way as mentioned above. could this be binding it up if that's the case?
    I'll try to get a picture of the spaced I'm talking about in a little while and post it.


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    Randy, can you post another pic without the spacer in place. I suspect your brg and shaft assembly is not in all the way. I just finished rebuilding that same pump only it's for a gpr. Your spacer appears to be to close to flush. Other thing you can try is to screw the impeller on till it starts to hit the work it back and forth the mark exactly where it's hitting housing.

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    OK sorry for the delay... I've figure it out. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't look at the manual during the rebuild of the pump. The first bearing that's placed on the drive shaft must be a certain distance from one of the flanges on the drive shaft. I originally just put the first bearing into the impeller housing along with the spacer then the outside bearing was pressed in. I put it together and then it was binding. The manual is very specific and a much different procedure then one would think when installing the bearings. Lesson learned. I don't have it together yet, I needed to buy a new hydraulic press which Harbor Freight was nice enough to sell me for $149 (20 ton). Not a bad deal for what it is. The way the manual tells you how to press the stuff together is different so I need to get a few things before I can press the first bearing and driveshaft into the impeller duct housing. But I do think I got it right now. I’ll update in a few weeks when it’s done. I’m going on vacation so it’s going to sit for a little while.

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    congrats and do be very careful with your new press. When heavily loaded the represent a significant energy hazard. Having a jetpump kick out while you are pressing bearings in can cause severe injury.

    These type of tools need more respect then average. They are killers. Floor jacks deserve the same speech when the kids want to get into car mechanics.

    Consider every application of pressure with due care.

    doesn't hurt to practice with some junk too. You'll find there is some finesse involved. Especially when setting up the work.

    For jetpumps for example, I use a pretty big bit of plate steel, which helps keep the ring level as I try to convince it the pump is better then the bin.

    I make good use of my 1/2 sockets and bits of pipe of various sizes. Old bearings go in the junk drawer now, not the trash.

    and again, respect the force it can generate.

    in line with my dire warnings....


    At approximately 3:30 p.m. on January 19, 2015, an employee was repairing a par t, as the bushing was installed incorrectly. The employee had to remove the bu shing then rotate it to reinstall it the correct direction. The employee was us ing a hydraulic press, a cup to fit over the bushing to extend down to the oute r sleeve of the bushing and a metal spacer that was placed between the end of t he ram since the stroke of the ram was not long enough to reach the part. When the part was loaded into the press the cup was misaligned with the bushing cau sing it to set at a slight angle. When the employee applied pressure the uneven pressure pushed the bushing out and hit the employee in the chest. The impact broke the employee's ribs and punctured his heart. The employee was killed.


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    OK, i spoke to soon. I thought i figure it out but its still binding when I put the Solas or stock impeller on the drive shaft. I did find that the inner bearngs need to be spaced 23mm from the inner flange then pressed into the impeller duct as a unit. I followed the manual to a tee. now, i don't have the yamaha bearing tool as they instruct to use but I think the method I found to install everything seems to work fine (or I'm i missing something here). I think one of two things or both are happening.

    First, after i press in the drive shaft with the lower bearing on it as a unit into the impeller duct and then I press in the second bearing which is the top outside bearing closest to the nose cone either the first bearing is moving on the shaft and no longer at the 23mm distance (causing it to bind) note: at this point its still turning fine, no binding...

    Or the drive shaft is dent and when you torque down the impeller it's causing it to bind or a combo of both.
    Understand the impeller housing / wear ring isn't mounted yet during this procedure so it's not binding there. the wear ring / impeller house is mounted afterwards.
    So, can anyone help here?
    note: This wave runner was a salt water ski and had to have the complete jetdrive rebuild before even thinking about riding it. During disassembly it was so rusted in that a slide hammer had to be attached to the end ot the drive shaft to get it disassembled (pulled out of the intermediate shaft bearing, yes I replaced it too) , hence possible bent drive shaft?
    every part is new except the drive shaft.
    So, again. anyone who knows the yamaha's well have any idea? I'm really stumped here. Could it be one or both of the suggestions above?

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    Really? Nobody has any ideas on this?

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