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    Help needed please...


    I purchased a new 2007 Sea Doo 150 (145hp) last week. Took it out for the first time with my buddy the other day. This is my first "boat", as in the past I have only driven jet ski's.

    My question is this: I had my buddy stand on the dock after launching it, he was holding the ropes to the boat as i got in and got it started and ready to go. I started it in neutral, and immediately the boat began moving around and my buddy and to hold on to the boat for dear life until i could kill the switch. Is the boat supposed to stay still in neutral when started? If not, whats the best way to "get going" after launching it and get everyone in and going?

    We finally got it, by me starting it and putting it in reverse immediately and him pushing us off and diving into the boat...

    any suggestions... PLEASE HELP!!

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    Weird....I think its not supposed to move in neutral....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoRXT View Post
    Weird....I think its not supposed to move in neutral....
    yes grasshopper, but the current will still move the boat. You have to find that sweet spot to get the boat to stay motionless, practice makes perfect!...PR...

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    You can find Neutral, huh I have yet to find the spot where the boat does not move forward or backwards.

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