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    02 GP1200R Rear Cylinder Loading up???? Help!!!

    Well, i've kinda got a problem...last year, the rear cylinder of the gpr attempted to seize and shelled a, i replaced the piston and put new rings in all three while it was apart...compression is good on all cylinders, but the rear seems to be loading up.....when you pull all the plugs it will spray fuel out of the rear cylinder like it's just dumping it in there.....
    the original reason the rear went bad was because the zip tie let loose on the oil injection and the line came off...the bike is still oil injection and motor wise is all stock save for a stinger III....
    thanks for any help you can offer!!!

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    I would say it is the rear carb you are now having problems with. I would pull it apart. Sounds like it it is stuck open.

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    is there an easy way to test this w/o pulling the carb off?? ie, check vacuum?? or something?

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    I am not very smart but just my thought. The rear cylinder carb has the accell pump on it. Did the diapharm on it stick open or have a tear in it?other wise the needle may not be seating off. but any way I can see it is it has to be carb related so they must come off.

    How do the plugs look? after a short ride? will it run?

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    Pull your carbs and check that cylinder. You could have a bad
    needle and seat on number 3. Also check your reeds on your 3rd cylinder. If you seized it good, its a good chance you have reed damage on that cylinder.

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    just in case anyone else is having the same problem...i pulled the diaphragm cover off of the #3 carb and there was some junk in there...i believe it was holding the diaphragm up and causing it to push needle open....all other functions of the carb seem to working seems that the weep hole on the cover had let some dirt get in there and also may have caused some abrasion wear on the diaphragm........

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