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Thread: Need help!!

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    Need help!!


    I purchased a new 2007 Sea Doo 150 (145hp) last week. Took it out for the first time with my buddy the other day. This is my first "boat", as in the past I have only driven jet ski's.

    My question is this: I had my buddy stand on the dock after launching it, he was holding the ropes to the boat as i got in and got it started and ready to go. I started it in neutral, and immediately the boat began moving around and my buddy and to hold on to the boat for dear life until i could kill the switch. Is the boat supposed to stay still in neutral when started? If not, whats the best way to "get going" after launching it and get everyone in and going?

    We finally got it, by me starting it and putting it in reverse immediately and him pushing us off and diving into the boat...

    any suggestions... PLEASE HELP!!

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    I'll admit, I had some issues for the same reason. While you are out in the boat, play around with the shifter at idle speeds, get used to the handling, such as opposites in reverse, etc. My trick is the be able to hold it just past neutral towards reverse and this will hold the boat somewhat steady. Don't let it go all the way into forward or reverse and you will have better control when docking. It will come with practice, and if someone tells you they werent shocked the first time they started it up, I'd second guess them!! If this does not seem to help, your reverse bucket may need adjusting. I'm under the impression that there is no "real neutral on these boats. Others will chime in if I am wrong. You'll get it, but it'll take some practice. Before long, you'll have it spinning in circles with total control.

    Edit: Also, I tend to get everyone in the boat while holding onto the dock before starting it up. Once everyone is in, start it up and off you go.

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    Bought my first ski in 2005, first thing I did was ride by myself and get use to the handling especially when pulling in to a dock or ramp. Like the previous post said, hold handle just past neutral. Also get all aboard, push away from ramp or dock then start it up.

    and if you find yourself coming in too fast to a dock or another boat ,etc, pull that baby in reverse and gun it to stop your forward progress

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    FLSCIC is right......Use the forward & reverse shifter moving it slightly forward or slightly reverse when docking....This will help you control the boat.

    After a couple times out you'll get the hang of it!!!!

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    Also another good tip is to make sure your steering wheel is straight at 12 o'clock position when starting up the boat at the dock. This will help you from turning into or away from the dock to quickly. Youl get the hang of it.
    Have a great summer

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    I too had this same issue..

    You have to push off the docks and then start it (sure would suck if id didnt start after that)

    and be very quick to put it in reverse.. and like said before above, make sure the wheel is strait first..

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