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    gp1300r acceleration problem

    Hey, I have a 2007 gp1300r, and at full throttle from 0-5000 rpm (0-17mph), the jetski lacks power and lags, however as soon as that speed is passed, it takes off like it should. I was thinking maybe it is a fuel injector or fuel pump problem. Possibly pushing too much fuel pressure?

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    Subscribed as my new-to-me '04 and '05's are doing the same thing. With just under 60 hours, I am expecting to replace the cat with d-plates on each. Just like I did on my 1200r back in the day.

    My brain kept saying plugs, fuel filter and air filter. I did the plugs after I burnt out the stabilizer from winterization. I see the filter separator replaces the fuel filter we had on the 1200r. And there is just an air box.

    That's going to. Be where I am starting. Good luck!
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    They have no air filter. Sounds like a cat coming apart. D plate, and install a jetworks mod to greatly improve holeshot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterbean_29512 View Post
    They have no air filter. Sounds like a cat coming apart. D plate, and install a jetworks mod to greatly improve holeshot.
    Agree as well. I have a D-plate and resistor chip on order now. I am going to do the first one, then tackle the second. It's not a matter of if, more like when that Catalyst will break down.

    My previous 1200r actually had the catalyst break down to the point it twisted in the pipe and nearly blocked the exhaust fully. My dealer years ago told me how much a new cat was before I had a chance to order the D-plate. I told him to get bent, nobody pays over $1000 to put a cat back into a machine for the part alone!

    I got a great deal on a New-Old-Stock Riva D-plate for less than half price. What is the story on these third-party D-plates all over Amazon and EBay for like $30 shipped with a resistor? I am assuming they just used a CAD program and Water Jet to copy the R&D or Riva plate. (blame the Chinese)

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