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Thread: non firing gpr

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    non firing gpr

    hi guys finally got my o4 1300 built on saturday with ferchos vf3 reeds and timing key.
    put in new pistions also as i was close to 100 hours. took ski out to the lake on saturday evening and was goinog easy running her in.everything seemed fine just a little on the rich side.
    sunday morning went back to the lake to put some more time on her before going to the waves. fired her up on the trailor no problem, put her in the water fired up and straight away stalled. started again and again would not clear her self and stalled. tried to start her again and she would not start and backfired. this happened 3 times with the back fire. pulled her out of the water did compression test and all pots are good ski is getting plently of fuel and a good spark. i have no idea why it wont start does anybody know of something like this before or any ideas what the problem might be?

    thanks in advance guys

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    those backfires are hard on reeds so be careful.

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    the water temp sensor on the lower of the pipe will stop fire if its bad or unplugged

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