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    Wink A Polaris kicked my ass again! lol


    I was tearing apart an SL650 for parting out yesterday, and man did those 4 pipe to manifold bolts get to me.

    The 2 short ones came out with the impact gun, but the two long ones needed a 1/2" breaker bar w/ a jack handle to even get the things turn. LOTS of PB Blaster, and I even used a torch to heat cycle them (didn't want them to snap and leave me with studs I couldn't get over the top of). I finally got them out with the impact gun after about 30 minutes of jack handle wrenching

    Man if you don't get those bolts out yer screwed.. at least on the domestics you can still unbolt the manifold with the pipe attached, but I didn't see any way of doing that with the Fuji motor.

    Anywho, may the hull rest in peace, for she is gutted.

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    I went and got a 500 foot lbs impact I got tired of being able to out muscle my Impact gun and it made a world of difference! a normal gun is like 200 ft lbs Z

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    Yah I definitely need to upgrade to 500-600 ft/lb gun... that's the reason we have the damn things right! To outmuscle us

    I'm not sure if my 5.5 hp 30 gallon compressor will push it enough.. probably need a nice 220 volt compressor instead.

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