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    Question couple questions about my RXP

    I just bought a 07 RXP and had a couple questions about it. I have been riden' on and off for a couple years with my friends jet ski and decided to go by 1 of my own. I was ride'n today and the highest the rpm's got to was 7640, with factory speedometer saying 70mph (i haven't used a gps yet) the ski has 8hr's on it. I was thinking it should be turn'in around 7,9-8000rpm's. Am i wrong? Also does the speedometer go over 70mph? every time i get on it it will go to 70, i figured it would at least hit a 71 every now and then but it will hold on 70mph. Thanks for reading

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    Your rpm could be a bit low, depending on your riding conditions. Perhaps wait a couple more hours, they may come up with more riding?. Factory speedo will always only show a max of 70.

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    have the first service done and then check the oil level

    make sure it is between the bends when HOT

    a lot of dealers overfill the oil level which brings the r's down

    also the stock props seem to bend rather easily and this will affect rpm as well

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    Get the power filter and you will see 8100rpms all day long

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