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    Can always take it easy and just cruise from place to place, the extra weight may make the ride a little softer. We just did a 40mile then a little over 50 two days ago. Went from Ft Smallwood to Dirty Daves at Kentmore marina past bay bridge, then to Hard Yacht and back to launch. Turned into a really nice ride and was able to cruise about 30 give or take.
    Only issue with me is my VTS isnít working right now and itís set in the bow up position to it doesnít break waves too well I mean I guess Iíll sign up for it and give it a shot I mean whatís the worst that could happen besides being tired from the ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveMD13 View Post
    My goal is to be out no later than next weekend. I work aug 4th but should be out late that day or sunday. Once I get the ski back I'm basically going out whenever I can and every weekend. I just keep tweaking and trying to bullet proof it. Had a few set backs but they ended up being good things in the long run.
    Iím in the middle of getting my rxp figured out trying to find any little problems I have, right now Iím fighting moisture in my gauges trying to get that out before it takes my lcd screen and gauges out and this week of rain is probably gonna do it

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