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    who thinks......

    What do you think about the first 10 hours of the jetski's like is a crock of shit??? i do.

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    I personally think that you should take it a little easy but just have fun. Some people prefer driving like you stole it and others prefer using trainers key the first 10 hrs. I am actually in my 10 hours still and im doing it just as i said. Take it easy but have fun.

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    Drove mine like I stole it from the first 2 minutes. I have 82 hours without a problem Mine always GPS'd over 68mph stock.

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    The only part on a new engine that has to break in is the piston rings. They will not break in if the engine is babied. They need a significant amount of pressure pushing them out against the cylinder walls in order for them to break in. I would recamend some full throttle runs, mixed in with a lot of low, mid and high rpm ranges.

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    First tank No extended WOT runs...Check the oil and ride it.

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    my first 1-2 hr on the ski were highly varied throttle position....after that some short 3 hours ride it!

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    Hi Clayton, I love the look of your ski. I'mgetting my one resprayed as I write this and it should be finished next week, can't wait!!!!
    Do you have a website where I can have a look at your ski in a better resolution?
    I have a 4" to 3" home made air intake, metal SC washers, Straight through home made exhaust (retained the original exhaust and can switch between the two), RIVA intake grate, home made OPAS block offs, RIVA finger throttel conversion, RIVA seat cover, modified reverse bucket.
    Anything you would suggest??

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    Ive always driven it normally like I would on any day and Ive always had a fast machine because of it, my buddy babied his and its alot slower than mine

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