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Thread: Flo-Rite vents

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    Flo-Rite vents

    Are these what they look to be? just drill a hole and put these in? I am guessing they let air into hull and not water. anyone use these just for that purpose?
    I am installing the Riva Stage I kit, and just wondering if these would be a good addition to getting more cool air into hull to help cool engine?

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    A flow-rite discussion is at:

    They are water-resistant. I have one 4" that I have piped into the supercharger, but enough water can get in to make a catch-can for the water necessary. It did impede the flow of air more than I thought, so I just ordered another one today, in fact, that I will drill in the other side and also pipe into the SC. Installed on a flat surface, it looks very good, like it was stock on the boat. For the 4" one, you'll need a 4 1/2" hole saw for your drill, which can cost more than the flow-rite itself. If you're not using it as part of the intake, they work well and don't let enough water in to worry about it.


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