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    Back On The Water

    first time back on the water since i broke my leg,joe and his brother and i meet up and hit the water,sure enough,trouble right off the bat,the sl900 won't rev past 5400,tried to limp it to a beach,no go,hydrila blocked grate,cleaned still no rpm,put jimmie on the virage,and i had a looksie at the sl,will sometime over the winter the pto dome cover cracked,and water was spraying over to the carbs,so i cupped my hand over the spray and boogied it back to the ramp area,banked it and rode two up on the virage.ran about an hour around then headed back to load the sl900 up.then joe and i switched skis,his slxh has some real pull down low when the carbs get flowing,made a few short passes,then bang,problems with his ski,blew the stinger coupler off,so we towed it back with the virage.i kept telling joe faster, he gunned it,needless to say i went about a 1/4 mile with the jet spray nailing me in the gut,i couldn't see at all sitting down.finally we slowed down,got to the ramp and they started loading up,but i had my eye on an rxp that was running around,so i made a pass by and sure enough here he comes.needless to say i never saw him again until i turned around,by then he was already going away,so i made another pass going back to the ramp,here he comes again,same was good to be back doing what i love some much to do.hopefully this summer will be better than the last

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    Sounds great.

    Sick 'em killer!

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    Wow that was a long down time!! good job getting back in the saddle! Z

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    I know its a good feeling ! way to go !

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    Vacations over??
    Glad you're back on the water.

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