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    Got a Seadoo Question

    I know a chick looking at a getting a three seater. She is looking at a 07 RXT and the Kawa 250. Can any of you give insight on the out the box performance of the Seadoo RXT so I can pass it along. How fast on gps does it run totally stock, how does it handle etc. Any comments appreciated. I have not rode either personally so I really can't help her decide without some good info.

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    RXT stock is about 63-65

    Ultra is about the same, and feels like a small boat in comparison.

    I dont think she can go wrong with either.

    Keep in mind that the Ultra will use about 50% more fuel (And that is conservative), than the RXT

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    They compare in performance in my opinion....NOT in fuel consumption...My best advise is for her to get an RXT and save some gas $$$. Its not like ga is cheap!

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    hey DOME bring her out to clear lake and i'll let her ride my rxt and there is a kawi she can ride too

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