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    Hi Folks, thought I'd share my 2018 EX Deluxe upgrades data. I was suprised at the performance gains. I recorded acceleration times when stock, then after I installed Riva air RY13100-OE and removing the restrictor plate in the exhaust (I will call this stage 1) I then installed Solas impeller YJ-CD-12/20 and recorded times again (I will call this stage 2). I recorded acceleration times with dragracer app, I don't think it's super accurate but it gives a comparison. I did two runs and averaged the times. I decided against doing the ECU reflash as it may affect my warranty.
    10km=1.5s 10km=0.6s. 10km=0.4s
    20km=2.3s. 20km=1.3s. 20km=0.8s
    30km=3.3s. 30km=2.4s. 30km=1.2s
    40km=4.5s. 40km=3.4s. 40km=1.7s
    50km=5.8s. 50km=4.7s. 50km=2.4s
    60km=6.4s. 60km=5.9s. 60km=3.7s
    70km=8.9s. 70km=8.5s. 70km=6.1s
    Top speed was not affected 79.8kms @7650rpm which was the only thing that I was a little disappointed with. The impeller total transformed the ski, it jumps out of the water now and powers out of turns.

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    I replaced the filter first and notice a difference also. I also then replaced the exhaust and it takes off even better now. Not going to remove the restrictor plate as i have heard with a Riva Exhaust its just way too loud. You won't get a faster speed with any of this just more responsive downlow as the engine's RPM does not raise which is one of the things the Riva tune does as well as the EXR model.

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    After we did this exhaust, a water test showed him on the limiter at 8100 rpm. So I added 2mm to pitch.

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    I have the Riva stage one kit on mine. Its crazy how much takeoff it has. Ive raced several VXRs and mine actually jumps in front of them for a second. And yes, with the restrictor removed and a freeflow its really loud. Not terrible at a good cruising speed of say 35-40mph though. After all of this, my next one will definitely be a GP though especially after riding my friends last summer. But as far as a fun toy that still has a good ride, the EX is amazing especially for the price.

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